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Saturday, November 14 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Oilly Wallace Quartet: Charlie Parker 100 Years

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Oilly Wallace (Alto Sax / DK)Calle Brickman (Piano / SE)Matthias Petri (Bass / DK)Andreas Svendsen (Drums / DK)

In 2020, the jazz icon Charlie Parker would have turned 100 years old. To celebrate and honor one of the biggest and most influential jazz musicians of all time, the alto saxophonist Oilly Wallace has assembled a quartet consisting of some of the most skillful young bebop musicians from Denmark and Sweden.

Oilly Wallace, Calle Brickman, Mathias Petri and Andreas Svendsen have all marked themselves on the Scandinavian jazz scene as some of the biggest jazz talents right now. This evening, the quartet will present compositions written by Charlie Parker and also interpret a number of jazz standards, that the legendary alto saxophonist has recorded through time.

Our restaurant is open before the concert.

I 2020 ville jazzikonet Charlie Parker være fyldt 100 år. For at fejre og ære en af de største og mest betydningsfulde jazzmusikere nogensinde har altsaxofonisten Oilly Wallace samlet en kvartet bestående af nogle af den yngre generations dygtigste bebop-musikere fra Danmark og Sverige.

Oilly Wallace, Calle Brickman, Mathias Petri og Andreas Svendsen har alle markeret sig på den skandinaviske jazzscene som nogle af de helt store jazztalenter. Kvartetten vil denne aften fremføre kompositioner skrevet af Charlie Parker samt fortolke en række af de jazzstandarder, som den legendariske altsaxofonist har indspillet gennem tiden.

Restauranten er åben inden koncerten.

Nov 14Sat
20.00 (Doors 18.00) DKK 280,-
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