Staff and volunteers at Jazzhus Montmartre is on vacation all of January getting ready for February's WILD Winter Jazz Festival. First concert after the break is February 1st with Lars Danielsson's magic Liberetto III. See the full Winter Jazz programme here.

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Thursday-Friday, September 8-9 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Mary Fettig Danish Quartet

Thomas ClausenThomas Clausen
Kristin KorbKristin Korb
Niclas Campagnol Niclas Campagnol
Mary Fettig (Alto + flute / US)Thomas Clausen (piano / DK)Kristin Korb (bass / US)Niclas Campagnol (drums / DK)

It is a great honour to have an alto saxophonist as important as American Mary Fettig to visit Montmartre. She has done it all - in the states as much as Brazil - and her visit is a must-see during these nights, where she will perform her original jazz and latin repertoire for the first time at Montmartre! Come and join us as Fettig and an all-star trio, led by Thomas Clausen, sprinkle swing - and latin dust all over the house.

En af de vigtigste altsaxofonister siden Phil Woods er amerikanske Mary Fettig som i en lang karriere har spillet med alt fra Stan Kenton's bigband til store popstjerner og en stribe af de store brasilianske musikere. Nu besøger hun Montmartre med sit originale jazz- og latinrepertoire for første gang. Mary Fettig spiller usigeligt smukt på både altsaxofon og tværfløjte og med en all-star trio anført af Thomas Clausen er der to bemærkelsesværdige aftener i vente.

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