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Friday-Saturday, March 23-24 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Jeremy Pelt Quintet: Noir en Rouge

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Jeremy Pelt (Trumpet / US)Victor Gould (Piano / US)Richie Goods (Bass / US)Jonathan Barber (Drums / US)Jacquelene Acevedo (Percussion / CA)

Jeremy Pelt from New York is a forerunner among American trumpeters with an easily recognizable and powerful voice. He has solidified his position as one of the best in a new generation of remarkable musicians. He comes from the unique American tradition that reached its peak with Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw and has continued to influence jazz ever since. He will be accompanied by Victor Gould on the piano, Richie Goods on the bass, Jonathan Barber on the drums, and Jacquelene Acevedo on percussion.

Photo by: Ra-Re Valverde

Blandt den nye generation af fremragende musikere fra New York har Jeremy Pelt markeret sig som én af de bedste. Den amerikanske trompetist tager sit afsæt i den enestående amerikanske tradition, som kulminerede med artister som Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard og Woody Shaw, og som har præget jazzen lige siden. Hans spil er agilt og virtuost. Med sig har han en fantastisk rytmegruppe, der består af Victor Gould på piano, Richie Goods på bas, Jonathan Barber på trommer og Jacquelene Acevedo på perkussion.

Foto af: Ra-Re Valverde

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