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Friday-Saturday, May 18-19 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Jochen Rueckert Quartet feat. Mark Turner

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Mark Turner (Tenor Sax / US)Jochen Rueckert (Drums / DE)Lage Lund (Guitar / NO)Orlando le Fleming (Bass / UK)

German drummer Jochen Rueckert will perform at Montmartre together with legendary tenor saxophonist Mark Turner. Jochen Rueckert is a musician who deliberately avoided a formal music education, which results in some very interesting outcomes in his way of playing music. Mark Turner is considered one of the most prominent American saxophonists of the modern generation. His improvisations cover several octaves at once, and they are characterized by rhythmic complexity in its execution. This is what creates Turner’s unique playing style. They will be accompanied by Lage Lund on the guitar and Orlande le Fleming on the bass.

Den tyske trommeslager Jochen Rueckert optræder i Montmartre sammen med den legendariske tenorsaxofonist Mark Turner. Jochen Rueckert er en musiker, der bevidst har undgået at tage en formel musikuddannelse, hvilket bl.a. har medvirket til hans unikke spillestil. Mark Turner anses for at være en af de mest fremtrædende amerikanske saxofonister i den moderne generation. Hans improvisationer dækker flere oktaver på en gang, og de er præget af en rytmisk kompleksitet. De vil blive ledsaget af den norske guitarist Lage Lund og den britiske bassist Orlande Le Fleming.

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