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Friday-Saturday, June 14-15 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Jonas Johansen: Blanco y Negro

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Jonas Johansen (Drums / DK)Karl-Martin Almqvist (Tenor Sax / SE)Abel Marcel (Piano / CU)Yasser Morejón Pino (Bass / CU)Peter Ehler (Percussion / DK)

Cubans sees this band as a jazz group. Danes regards the music as Cuban music This is how different music can be conceived, especially when it’s combining multiple traditions. However, Danish drummer Jonas Johansen has gathered an impressive bunch of musicians, and together they have created exquisite and original music, that melts afro/Cuban, American and Scandinavian music into an impressive and complete musical expression. Enjoy pianist Abel Marcel’s to-the-edge solos, powerful and emotional conga playing from Peter Eller, intense and swinging bass playing from Yasser Morejón, juicy solos from Swedish tenor player Karl-Martin Almqvist, and last, but not least unifying drumming from bandleader Jonas Johansen.

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Cubanerne synes Blanco y Negro er et jazzorkester. Danskerne synes Blanco y Negro er et cubansk band. Sådan kan musik opfattes så forskelligt, specielt når den blander genre og stemninger fra forskellige traditioner. Trommeslageren Jonas Johansen har samlet et frygtindgydende hold musikere omkring sig, og de har sammen skabt en udsøgt og original musik, der netop samler den afro-cubanske, den amerikanske og den skandinaviske musik til et imponerende musikalsk udtryk. Se frem til pianist Abel Marcels til-kanten-soli, kraftfuldt og indfølt congaspil fra Peter Eller, voldsomt swingende basspil fra Yasser Morejón, saftige soli fra Karl-Martin Almqvist samt ikke mindst det samlende trommespil fra kapello Jonas Johansen.

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