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Thursday-Saturday, April 5-7 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Cuban Jazz Train

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Calixto Oviedo (Drums / CU)Lily Hernandez (Vocal / CU)Fredrik Kronkvist (Alto Sax / SE)Abel Marcel (Piano / CU)Yasser Pino (Bass / CU)Eliel Lazo (Percussion / CU)

Calixto Oviedo is a Latin Grammy nominated artist (La Rumba del Siglo, 2000) and one of the most important representatives of Latin jazz and the world of drumming. Aside from Calixto Oviedo, expect a creative group of musicians who provide a masterful job of interpreting the Latin sound. We are looking forward to presenting a concert full of the best that Afro-cuban music has to offer! Accompanying Calixto Oviedo will be Lily Hernandez on the vocals, Fredrik Kronkvist on the alto saxophone, Abel Marcel on the piano, Yasser Pino on the bass and Eliel Lazo on percussion.

Caliexto Oviedo er en Latin Grammy-nomineret musiker (La Rumbla del Siglo, 2000) og en af de mest markante repræsentanter inden for Latin jazz med sine innovative trommefærdigheder. Udover Calixto kan man forvente en kreativ gruppe af musikere, der tolker 'the Latin sound' på mesterlig vis. Vi ser frem til at kunne præsentere en koncert med det bedste som afro-cubansk musik kan tilbyde. Calixto Oviedo vil blive akkompagneret af Lily Hernandez på vokal, Fredrik Kronkvist på altsaxofon, Abel Marcel på piano, Yasser Pino på bas og Eliel Lazo på perkussion.

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