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In 1959 Herluf Kamp Larsen opened Montmartre on Store Regnegade 19A in Copenhagen. Artists played what was then known as “modern jazz”. Talented musicians and international stars helped give the venue its reputation as a high temple of jazz. 1n 1976 Montmartre moved to Nørregade and had three consecutive owners including “Jazz-Kay” Sørensen and later musician Annie Linnet. Major stars performed here too, and after the concerts on weekends, the venue became the most popular nightclub in Copenhagen. When Montmartre closed in 1995, it was an end of an era—for a while. 

In 2010, entrepreneur and media executive Rune Bech took the initiative to reopen JazzhusMontmartre. He has been the driving force behind it ever since, along with chair of the board Michael Christiansen. 


In its third reincarnation, Jazzhus Montmartre is independently owned. Its legal status is as a non-profit foundation whose mission is to maintain and further develop the legendary venue. The foundation owns the management company that runs the performance venue, and the foundation’s articles of association describe its goals and means. The mission of the foundation is to create a space in which audiences of all ages can experience jazz music of the highest quality; this includes providing a showcase for new talents. At Jazzhus Montmartre, the best musicians from Denmark and abroad can meet to inspire audiences and each other, so that the genre of jazz remains vibrant and continues to have contemporary relevance.


Beacon of jazz

We aspire to be a beacon of jazz. At Montmartre, you meet the most talented Danish and international jazz musicians in a beautiful and inspiring setting. The jazz of the past and present can be felt and we intentionally create space for future forms of jazz to develop.


Close encounters with jazz in a musical haven  

The essence and history of jazz is conveyed in a context that makes it contemporary and relevant to these times. We strive to ensure that the audience experiences live music in asetting that is warm and intimate. In an age dominated by digitalization and alienation, Montmartre is a musical haven that offers unique intensity and human authenticity.


Showcasing new talents and contributing to the development of the next generation of jazz musicians

Montmartre finds new talents and provides them with opportunities to perform on our stage. The budding talents of today need nurturing in order for jazz to remain relevant now and evolve into fantastic future expressions.


Presenting new expressions in jazz

Montmartre has the courage and vision to present new forms of jazz, as well as genres inspired by jazz that dare to deviate and develop original expressions. We intend to lead the way and showcase all that jazz offers and where it is heading. In the past jazz has inspired the development of hip hop and even metal, and we believe that jazz will continue to inspire new genres.



Volunteering at Jazzhus Montmarte is a way of giving to and forming a community thatcenters around great music. Our volunteers contribute greatly to the daily effort it takes to create a wonderful atmosphere at every concert. Along with the musicians and the audience,our volunteers are an essential aspect of the Montmartre spirit that is created in this unique venue. Our volunteers are a vital and indispensable part of the concert experience, and we are very grateful to them for their dedication and generosity.



At Montmartre, we invite new audiences to experience jazz by opening our doors to the community at large. We are especially interested in welcoming groups who have not yet visited a jazz club. Montmartre is an inclusive and open space where we experience jazz together and explore what it can do and where it can take us. 


Guest curators

Montmartre embraces collaboration on booking new talents in different genres by inviting guest curators from various scenes where experimental jazz is emerging. The guest curators change throughout the year to ensure that the music Montmartre offers is dynamic and forward-looking. We facilitate partnerships with various spaces and scenes to ensure the high quality of the programs presented by our guest curators.


Children and families

To present jazz music to new generations, Montmartre offers projects for children, young people and families. Too few children experience live music, so it is important to expose as many children as possible to performances so they can feel the effect music has on their senses. The impression that music leaves is lasting. In addition to hosting concerts for children and families at Jazzhus Montmartre, we hold workshops and concerts at daycare centers in collaboration with the staff and the musicians. This enables us to reach children who might not otherwise experience live music.


Young people at schools and places of learning

Montmartre offers workshops to young people by meeting them at their schools and other places of learning. We introduce them to jazz music in a relevant setting with a focus on the experience and a presentation of the history. By sharing our passion for jazz with young people, we hope to inspire them to explore jazz themselves. The programs end with a concert for them at Jazzhus Montmartre, where they can experience what music can do with an audience in a unique and intimate venue.


Concerts outside of Jazzhus Montmartre

As our historic venue accommodates only up to 100 concertgoers, we collaborate with organizations with venues better suited for larger audiences while maintaining high quality of sound at the concerts. Additionally, we collaborate on hosting concerts outside of the Copenhagen area in order to bring live jazz to other parts of the country.

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