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At Jazzhus Montmartre our focus is on good music and positive cultural experiences for our audience. All employees, volunteers and partners contribute to the good and inclusive atmosphere that we are known for providing for our audience and bands. 

Working at Montmartre should be meaningful, fun and enjoyable. Helping out as a volunteer should also be rewarding. The good experience that we offer to the audience is directly associated with the positive and friendly relationships we have with each other while working together at Jazzhus Montmartre.


Kindness and tolerance

We are aware of our differences. We approach each other with curiosity and treat each other with respect and not with prejudice. 

We are a team and help each other as needed.

Work with room for fun and socializing

Being at Montmartre should be fun and enjoyable. Our focus is on creating a good atmosphere among our volunteers, staff and guests. 
We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone thrives as much as possible and that our guests, bands and partners have great and unforgettable experiences at Montmartre. 

Shared responsibility for everyone to thrive

In our culture, we are aware that personal boundaries and people’s senses of humor vary. 
We encourage you to speak up if your boundaries or your colleague’s boundaries are crossed. We respect and acknowledge when people express their limits.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment or improper behavior

If you or a colleague experiences any form of violence, threats, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying or any other unacceptable behavior while at work, it is important that you contact the management at Jazzhus Montmarte as soon as possible by email, telephone or in person. Your experience will be taken seriously and treated with respect. This is regardless of whether the harassment comes from an employee, a manager, a volunteer, a musician or a guest.

General manager Kasper Ravnsgaard, phone 25172557 

Director Eva Rehling, mobil 20232551

At Jazzhus Montmartre we treat each other with respect

At Jazzhus Montmartre our focus is on outstanding music and creating a positive cultural experience for our audience. All of our employees, volunteers and collaborators contribute to creating the good and warm atmosphere that we are known for providing to our audience and bands. 

When you spend an evening of music with us at Montmartre, it is important to us that it is meaningful, fun and pleasant, whether you are a member of the audience, a musician, a volunteer or an employee. The good experience that the audience has is created through positive and respectful interactions between the audience and the musicians, the volunteers and employees. We highly value having good manners and a respectful tone with each other when we are together at Jazzhus Montmartre. 

At Jazzhus Montmartre it is not allowed to:

  • serve alcohol to young people under the age of 18 years old

  • serve alcohol to guests who the staff determine to be of potential danger to themselves or others

  • smoke indoors, whether ordinary cigarettes or any kind of electronic cigarettes 

  • bring beverages or food into the club

  • use or possess drugs at our concerts or events. If you are caught in violation of the law regarding euphoric substances, it will result in a police report and expulsion.

  • wear gang-related patches or other symbols


  • Cell phones must be on silent mode with the flash turned off. Taking pictures or videos with an ordinary pocket camera or cell phone is allowed at our concerts. Professional or semi-professional cameras are only allowed for professional photographers are allowed only with a prior written agreement with the management of Jazzhus Montmartre. 


  • You must always follow the instructions given by the security staff, as different rules may apply to different events. Guests who repeatedly fail to comply with staff instructions will be expelled without a refund of their ticket. 


  • Guests who are drunk, under the influence of drugs or who cause a nuisance to staff or other guests with violence will be expelled without refund. All acts of violence will be reported to the police. 

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