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We can recommend starting the evening by eating together at our place before the concert. It's a nice way to meet and talk before the concert, while you share some good food from our skilled restaurateur.

Book a table when you buy tickets for our concerts on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 


On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it is possible to eat dinner at Montmartre before the concert. The mood is set for the evening’s concert with vinyl on the turntable, dim lighting and a backdrop of history on the walls. 


On these evenings the doors open at 18:00.  The dinner service lasts until 20:00, when the concert starts. Our dining guests can remain at the tables for the rest of the evening. 


Please note that the tables can only be booked together with a ticket for the evening’s concert and no later than 24 hours before the show. 


The serving of food and drinks is handled by our fantastic team of volunteers. Please note that the tables are cleared of tableware immediately before the concert in order to ensure focus and quiet during the performance. We remind our dining guests to come on time. 

great food in cozy surroundings

We collaborate with the team behind Vanløse, Brønshøj and Viftens Bistro, who over the years have built a good and solid name around simple dishes, based on good ingredients, which you share at a reasonable price.


Martin, Louise and Bo's love for bistro life and food is based on the original and simple French form. The focus is, just like during the concerts with us, on the presence and the high quality in a small cozy setting. Therefore, we think it is a perfect match for us.


This is only emphasized by the fact that the first bistro, according to reports, was located precisely in Montmartre in Paris, and the word appears for the first time in French in 1884. It is also said that the word "bistro" comes from Russian, where it is pronounced 'bystro' and means fast. The first bistro appeared in Montmartre because the Russian Cossacks moved in after defeating Napoleon at Waterloo.

Read more about our skilled bistro team here


In addition to good wine, drinks and coffee, Jazzhus Montmartre has entered into a collaboration with Herslev Bryghus, one of the few farmhouse breweries in Denmark, where the grain for the beer is grown locally in the fields surrounding the brewery. 

You can read more about Herslev Bryghus here.

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